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 Akemi Suishou

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Akemi Suishou

Akemi Suishou

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PostSubject: Akemi Suishou   Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:03 pm


Name: Akemi Suishou

Date of birth: 4th July

Age: 16

Blood Type: Pureblood



Characters Characteristics

Character Traits:

Personaliy: Akemi is a rather 'silent but deadly' kind of girl. Trained since she was a little girl to be an assassin, Akemi has developed a lot of hard-working and cunning traits. She is frightfully intelligent to the point that it irritates other people. She always pauses before talking to someone new as she takes a second to analyse everything she can about them and judge their actions - as is taught in her training. She used to resent her parents for training her, but now she is grateful for it. Any threatening stance towards Akemi and she can kill you in a thousand different ways. Akemi likes to be right and is always irritated when she is wrong. She also is always in trouble, whether it's with her teachers or bigger threats - such as other assassins. She has already killed three people on her missions and though she does not like to kill in a crazy way, she does what she can for the money and does like the spy-mission parts of her job.

Character likes:
The Dark
Being Cold

Character Dislikes:
Being Hot
Loosing Money
Being Told She Is Wrong
Other Spies
Other Assassins

Dark Arts

Small Children

House Preference:

Mizu :House of Water
Ka: House of Fire
Fū: House of Air
Daichi: House of Earth



Current Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Biography: The Suishou's are well known for being a rich family, but not everyone knows exactly how they are rich. Oh, there are suspicions that the Suishou's are drug dealers and the likes, but this family is far from it. Ever since it first originated, the Suishou's have been spies and assassins. It is their way of life, and none would dare to challenge or question it. Due to their agile builds, the Suishou's are well suited to be assassins. Akemi was raised as such, trained ever since she was a little girl to battle and murder. She feels little regret after murdering, though she does not particularly enjoy it that much, but she does enjoy her job. Akemi is aware of the fact that it is rare for a Suishou to marry out of love, but more for the money, power and if there blood is pure. Akemi is slightly different, she would like to fall in love, but with her job this would prove to be difficult as many would reject her for who she is and what she does.

Wand: 12 3/3 inches, chimaera scale, un-yielding.

Familiar: A black sparrow that has been bred in her family for generations. It is able to record conversations and relay it back to it's owner, whom it will do anything for.


Mother: Keiko Suishou (neé Hamasaki)
Father: Taika Suishou
Siblings: Ayumi Suishou

Note; Akemi is a lesbian.
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Akemi Suishou
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