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The year is 2200, and science and magic have become indistinguishable from each other. With this in mind, the magical world has decided to reveal itself. Join and be part of this monumental change.
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 Belinda Reed

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Belinda Reed

Belinda Reed

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PostSubject: Belinda Reed   Belinda Reed Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 1:29 am


Name: Belinda Reed

Date of birth:10/12


Blood Type: (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle-born, Half-creature) Pureblood

Occupation: Would like a teaching position


(If possible please put an image in your profile to help describe your character. This can be done in a [ SPOILER ] [IMG](insert image link) [/ IMG][/ SPOILER] but without a spaces before the dash.

If not:

Height:5' 3"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: (lanky, tall, chubby, curvy ect.) Thin

Dress Style:Casual

Other: (It can be anything such as birthmarks and so forth)

Characters Characteristics

Character Traits: Out going

Personality: Belinda is a very out going person and gets along with any one who wants to get a long with her

Character likes: flying, potions, everything magical

Character Dislikes: some muggles, evil

Strengths:potions, flying

Weaknesses: charms


Hometown: New York City

Current Hometown: Salem, MA

Biography: Belinda attended Salem magical school and was at the top of her class receiving all O's in her NEWTS and OWLS. She attended University in NYC getting her potions mastery and also herbology mastery. Belinda lost her parents when she was 16 and has pretty much been on her own since. The died in a car accident and Belinda thinks it was her fault and for awhile she was depressed but a friend in school was able to pull her out of it.

Wand: 11" white birch (Veela hair)



Mother: Mary Reed
Father: Paul Reed
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Belinda Reed
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