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 How to RP Properly

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PostSubject: How to RP Properly   How to RP Properly Icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2012 3:06 pm

In this site, role playing is taken to a more complicated level where one must not only post as third person, but must elaborate.

Here is an example of a good RP reply.

Tess was a nervous wreck; today was the day of her O.W.L exam and she had been so anxious the whole time. She wrung her hands nervously and many times tied and retied her hair to where it would no longer bother her vision.

Her pacing had been continuous for about an hour as she waited outside. She had missed breakfast at the Great Hall and she could not eat, for her stomach was in knots.

What do I do? she thought frowning.

Her mind was reeling with information.

"Calm down" she whispered to herself like a mantra.

She would do fine.


Here you see different methods of rping.

Beginning with explaining your character's feelings not only does it lengthen your post, but it also expresses more about your character and shows just who your character is. Personality is important to show in posts. Physical movements are explains, as well as thoughts (italicized) and voicing out their saying in quotation marks.

If you have any more questions be sure to message me!

How to RP Properly CaseyandMissysiggy
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How to RP Properly
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