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 Mithaneiro ~ A Fantasy Role-play

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Mist A.

Mithaneiro ~ A Fantasy Role-play Empty
PostSubject: Mithaneiro ~ A Fantasy Role-play   Mithaneiro ~ A Fantasy Role-play Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 6:15 am

In the world of Mithaneiro, three countries have arose. Avengard, Nurmengale, and Silemoira. Silemoira, being the biggest and richest of the countries, became the Capital of Mithaneiro. Back in the old days, humans ruled Mithaneiro; killing the Great Creatures, banishing them, or torturing them. Since then, the Creatures have gone into hiding, without the humans' knowledge of where they hid. The Creatures were breeding; all around the country without the humans finding out. As the Creatures regained more power and wits, there was a new King who rose. It was King Prometheus of Nurmengale, the new King of Mithaneiro. Prometheus was a friend of the Creatures, so it was he who asked the Creatures if they would try to ally with the humans. Upon hearing the new law, the humans were in a panic. They did not want to ally with them, nor even stay in a room with them.
At last, the Creatures' humility was proven and the humans finally agreed to ally with them. Years and years passed after that incident, and the Creatures have bonded with the Humans and other fellow Creatures and created a whole new species.

Mithaneiro still exists, and it is still running with Cross-Breeds and Creatures. The humans have long since gone, and the Cross-Breeds have replaced them. There are still a few humans in some parts, although they are not as fierce as the others, so they don't show their faces. Avengard, Nurmengale, and Silemoira, meanwhile, have different types of Cross-Breeds and Creatures in the habitats. There towns, now, too.

What while you be? A Cross-Breed, perhaps? Or a Creature?
You choose.

But, may I warn you, there are different possibilities. There may be a war or, perhaps, an enemy world? Different things may happen in Mithaneiro; a war, allied countries... anything.

Choose your fate; Be a warrior. Be a legend.
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Mithaneiro ~ A Fantasy Role-play
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