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 Tess Marie Black

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PostSubject: Tess Marie Black   Tess Marie Black Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 9:45 pm


Name: Tess Marie Black

Date of birth: December 12

Age: 11

Blood Type: Pureblood



If not:

Height: 4'6

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Body Type: petite and curvy

Dress Style:

Other: Depending on the season and mood.

Characters Characteristics

Character Traits: Out-going, cunning, quick-wit, quiet around new people, poised, good sense of humor.

Personality: Being raised in a classic and ancient pureblood family, she has perfect manners of a lady. But once being seen as more than just the sister of the Headmistress, she is seen as outgoing, witty, giggly and outspoken. But that is only one layer for in another, she becomes more manipulative, and cunning and sly, for it is in her nature.

Character likes: Ocean, swimming, animals, intelligence, books.

Character Dislikes: Stupidity, arrogance, pushy people.

Strengths: Good liar, sly, smart, charming

Weaknesses: hopeless romantic, hot-headedness,

House Preference:

Slytherin: House of Cunning


Hometown: Liverpool, England

Current Hometown: London, England

Biography: When Tess was born, she never got to meet her parents. Always on the move, they simply left her with her grandparents and her older sister, who was thirteen at the time. Being raised with her conservative parents, and a sister with clear advancements in her magic, she felt sometimes in her shadow, but that all changed once her grandparents died. He was the Headmaster of Hogwarts and he gave the title to her sister.

Her sister was forced to leave her to be raised by the House elves in their manor, where she found herself being more free than she ever was. She allowed herself to go off and learn more about the world. She is a bit afraid of Muggles and that makes her nervous.

Now that she has entered Hogwarts, she wants to move away from her sister's shadow and become a person of her own.

Wand: 12' Elder wood, Unicorn hair



Mother: Amorette Poe
Father: Edgar Black
Siblings: Anabelle Lee Black
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Tess Marie Black
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