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The year is 2200, and science and magic have become indistinguishable from each other. With this in mind, the magical world has decided to reveal itself. Join and be part of this monumental change.
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 Samantha Lovegood

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Samantha Lovegood

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PostSubject: Samantha Lovegood   Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:17 pm


Name: Samantha Lovegood

Date of birth: January 2nd

Age: 22

Blood Type: Pureblood

Occupation: Runs the Japanese branch of the Lovegood Pet Shop


(If possible please put an image in your profile to help describe your character. This can be done in a [ SPOILER ] [IMG](insert image link) [/ IMG][/ SPOILER] but without a spaces before the dash.


If not:


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Body Type: (lanky, tall, chubby, curvy ect.)

Dress Style:

Other: (It can be anything such as birthmarks and so forth)

Characters Characteristics

Character Traits: Funloving, slightly isane, very close to the rest of her family, loves creatures of all kinds
Personality: (Paragraph about how your character reacts to others, their moods towards people and so forth. If not a paragraph then please list the qualities)

Character likes: creatures, sex, women

Character Dislikes: theives, biggots, sexists

Strengths: very good at talking to people, Good with Creatures,

Weaknesses: Weakness for sex, has issues with some men, can be proned to be very violant


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Current Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Biography: Born from the spell that allows 2 women to have a child to gether, Samantha Lovegood was raised by her 2 mothers along side her 2 younger twin sisters, from a very young age, Samantha was taught to care for animals. She was homeschooled her whole life till she took over the Shop at age 20, being taught the rest of the types of magic when she was 11 and got her wand. The Shop is situated right next to the Succubus Bar, which is one of her favorite places.

Wand: 13 inch Yew with a core of Veela Hair

Familiar: none


Mother: Abigale Lovegood
Mother: Marthat Lovegood
Siblings: Cathrin Lovegood and Lissa Lovegood (Twins)
Spouse: none

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Samantha Lovegood
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