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 Cassidy Conner

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Cassidy Conner

Cassidy Conner

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PostSubject: Cassidy Conner   Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:08 pm


Name: Cassidy Conner

Date of birth: February 19

Age: 17

Blood Type: Half-blood

Appearance: Rachel Hurd Wood

If not:

Height: 5,6'

Hair Color: Dark auburn

Eye Color: gray/blue

Body Type: slender

Dress Style: tomboyish

Other: self-inflicted scars on her arms

Characters Characteristics

Character Traits: secretive, fun-loving

Personaliy: She acts first and then asks questions later, socially awkward, compassionate

Character likes: drawing, reading, non-judgemental people

Character Dislikes: bullies, dark places, spiders

Strengths: independent, strong willed

Weaknesses: too trust-worthly

House Preference: Munashii: House of Void (spiritual)


Hometown: London, England

Current Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Biography: Cassidy and her sister is half blood, her mother is a muggle-born while her father is a pure blood. She used to live in the London until her mother moves them to Tokyo, Japan when her father was killed by a Death Eater. Cassidy has held stories of Harry Potter and always wanted to met him. She suffers from depression due to her father's death because she was close to him. She has a Siberian Husky name Sammie, a quiet dog.

Wand: Oak, phoenix feather 11 1/2

Familiar: phoenix


Mother: Allison Conner
Father: John Conner (deceased)
Siblings: Charlie (identical twin sister), Zoe (younger sister)
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Cassidy Conner
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