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 Casey Lucia

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Casey Lucia
Casey Lucia

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PostSubject: Casey Lucia   Casey Lucia Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2012 12:58 am

Name: Casey Lucia

Date of birth: December 13th

Age: 200

Creature Type: Daywalker

Blood Type: full


(If possible please put an image in your profile to help describe your character. This can be done in a [ SPOILER ] [IMG](insert image link) [/ IMG][/ SPOILER] but without a spaces before the dash.

If not:


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Body Type: (lanky, tall, chubby, curvy ect.)

Dress Style:

Other: (It can be anything such as birthmarks and so forth)

Characters Characteristics

Character Traits: fun loving

Creature Description: under control

Personaliy: She is strong willed and fun loving. While she can sometimes gets into fights, it's usually only with males, as she has an extreme disdane for them.

Character likes: Melissa, women, fighting

Character Dislikes: Men, alchohal

Strengths: independent, strong, very fit

Weaknesses: bottles up emotions, can't talk to men


Hometown: Seattle, USA

Current Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Biography: She was changed into a daywalker at a young age. When she turned 11 she went to Durmstrang and got an education. It is also where she met Missy, who became her girlfriend and bloodbank. When they formed the bond, it was very powerful, and they could talk to each other through their minds. In an even that happened around the age of 21, Missy was mortally wounded. In order to save her girlfriend, Casey turned Missy into a daywalker herself. Since then, they have went on to make many children of their own and opened up a blood bank and herb shops throughout the world.

Wand: 12 ½ inch pine with Ashley’s and Melissa's blood (custom made)

Familiar: none


Mother: unknow dead
Father: unknow dead
Siblings: none
Spouse: Melissa Lucia
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Casey Lucia
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