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 Averna Decker

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Averna Decker


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PostSubject: Averna Decker   Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:31 pm

Name: Averna Decker
Date of birth: 4/02
Age: 25
Blood type: Half Blood
Occupation: Hogwarts dueling professor (hopefully)


Height: 5'3
Hair color: Brown
Body Type: Small and slightly curvy
Dress style: Causal, sometimes dark.
Other: She has a birthmark of a Rose on her right arm

Character characteristics:

Character traits: laid back but she knows when to be strict.
Personality: Averna doesn't normally talk to people she can be very sarcastic toward people but she's normally very quiet and keeps to herself she had alway's been like that she's very laid back but when it comes to teaching she's very stirct and is overprotective over people she cares about.
Character likes: Reading, Dueling, music, potions.
Character dislikes: Disrespect, dark arts, herbology.
Strengths: Dueling, defense, family, friends, and potions.
Weaknesses: Herebology, not admiting when she needs help.


Hometown: London, England.
Current home: London, England.

Biography: Ava went to Hogwarts as everyone else did she was the best at dueling and potions she was alway's quiet and her family loved the dark arts which Ava didn't, she was one of the best students in her time at school, when she graduated she moved stayed in London and she hoped she could teach there someday, Ava was alway's different from the other students she had alway's been dark and distant but since she had gotten older she had gotten less distant from people.

Wand: Oak, 11 inches, unicorn hair core.
Familiar: A Persian cat named, Kit.

Mother: Lisanna Decker (Nee Farron)
Father: Vincent Decker
Siblings: A brother named Vincent, whom is A year older than Ava.
Spouse: N/A
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Averna Decker
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