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 Sweet Tooth (No-Tan and Fox Rox)

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Roxana Marie


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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (No-Tan and Fox Rox)   Tue May 01, 2012 6:13 pm

Roxana laughed and wiggled her nose. She drank the rest of her butterbeer and ate another cake. She reached for a napkin and trailed her frosting covered finger across Noah's cheek. Smiling she sat back out of reach and giggled. "you look just as adorable" She laughed again.
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Noah Walker


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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (No-Tan and Fox Rox)   Mon May 07, 2012 4:54 pm

Noah snorted and wiped his cheek with a napkin, making sure to get all of it before he stuck his tongue out at Roxana. Sure it was a bit childish, but it was all in good fun after all. He hadn't felt this at ease since his little sister had died. He might as well enjoy the moment he was having with a fellow coworker.

"I'm manly, dear. I don't look adorable." Noah pointed out before standing and heading over to the counter. He grabbed a couple of more butterbeers from the woman and smiled his thanks for heading back over to the table. He slid one over to Rox before drinking some of his own. Perhaps he was addicted to the stuff, but oh well.
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Sweet Tooth (No-Tan and Fox Rox)
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