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 Celebrity Claims

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Casey Lucia
Casey Lucia

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PostSubject: Celebrity Claims   Celebrity Claims Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 5:05 am

1. Check to see if your Celebrity is taken
2. Post with your character name and your characters name

After that, you have your identifying celebrity to use.


Anne Hathaway (Tess Black)
Ashley Tisdale (Alexia Adler)
Brenda Song (Mystic Moon)
Carrie Underwood (Kassidy Dupre)
Emma Stone (Amber Jordan)
Evanna Lynch (Samantha Lovegood)
Hilary Duff (Melissa Lucia)
Izzy Small (Charlotte Dumbledore)
Julia Roberts (Candy Reynolds)
Kaley Cuoco (Belinda Reed)
Keiko Kitagawa (Akemi Suishou)
Lacey Mosely (Averna Decker)
Lily Collins (Tessa Grey)
Michelle Pfeiffer (Leshia Greene)
Rachel Hurd Wood (Cassidy Conner)
Reese Whitherspoon (Tabitha Greene)
Salma Hyek (Roxana Marie)
Sandra Bullock (Sofia Slytherin)
Saoirse Ronan (Casey Lucia)
Tamlyn Tomita (Liza Saline)
Thalia Sodi Miranda (Anabelle Black)
Veelabeats (Jenny Who)


Chad Michael Murray (Damien Greene)
Chris Pine (Noah Walker)
Ian Somerhalder (Chale Shacklebolt)
Johnny Depp (Eric Charleston)
Orlando Bloom (Ivano Romano)

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Celebrity Claims
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